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Bullet Train Uproots Homes and Jobs

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The California Bullet Train started off as a great idea. Transport people back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the project has overshot its estimated cost of $33-billion dollars to over $80-billion and has no apparent end in sight.

Furthermore, in order for the train to reach completion – homes, businesses and other areas will be drastically affected by construction.

The train project has cost several billions over budget as well as created frustration at the speed for which it is being completed.

Although there is back-lash, the completion of the project is meant to cut down on emissions. This allows travelers to quickly move through the metropolitan area faster and reduce carbon emissions set by standard ICE cars.

The Bullet Train Hits Local Areas Hard

Regardless of the environmental impact, many homes will have to relocate, businesses lost and local economies will falter. The expected issues for the railway line will cut through major housing developments, small local businesses and leave many out in search of a new place to live.

The route is to uproot 18 residences in Los Angeles, as well as 15 in Burbank. Approximately 84 small businesses will close, which employs 1,747 people.

Many official overseeing the project have asked for a hard pause to square away where the project will go from there. Still, the project continues to consume large public funding that will add to the overall cost of the completed project. As of right now the project stands to continue at a large cost to the public.

The project will run into the coming years. For many taxpayers and city officials alike, they are not happy with the current progress.

Many compare the large cost and non-completion to Boston’s “Big Dig” which is the largest roadway effort in the country. The project also has its share of issues for both public safety and budget issues.

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