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Best Cities for a Summer Road Trip

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Seattle is one of the best cities to road trip to!
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In the summertime, there is nothing that screams more summer than going to the beach or going for a good old-fashioned road trip. Whether for just a weekend or for longer, a road trip is a quintessential summer activity. However, some cities and states are more road trip friendly than others, so here is our list of best cities to road trip from.

Seattle, Washington

As a seaside city, Seattle has so many gorgeous sights to offer. There are of course the natural beauty sights of the ocean, the mountains, and the trees, but there are also tons of great manmade stuff to visit too. For example, the famous Pike Place Market, as well as a city flourishing with culture found in art exhibits, museums, and just the city air itself.

San Diego, California

This city is another lying right on the water but with a completely different vibe than Seattle. The city sees sunshine nearly all year round and offers 70 miles of coastline driving. You can go on countless wildlife tours while visiting, walk around the old town area of the town, or visit the downtown part. You can visit historic sites or just bask in all the beauty the town has to offer!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

In this rural landscape, there is surprisingly much to see and experience. There are stunning landscapes full of history, interesting culture, and gorgeous art. The “Twin Cities,” earning the nickname for their proximity, lie in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” which means there are lots of lakes to explore in the area as well!

Denver, Colorado

Denver is home to a rich culture full of very interesting places to go. You can explore the city’s delicious restaurant and bar scene and then follow it up with a hole through the Rocky Mountain National Park. In the city itself, you can even whitewater raft! Nowhere else could you explore the rich city life and the gorgeous nature scape in the same place so easily.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a unique city within the vast state of Texas, as it really differs from the rest of the state immensely. It is full of museums, boutiques, restaurants, and just very rich city life. However, about two hours away lies some of Texas’ most stunning sights. You can see state parks, nature preserves, fishing lakes, and so much more!

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