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Auto Transport During COVID-19

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Auto transport services are still fully available in case you and your family are moving to your new home during COVID. Current events have thrown a spoke in the wheel for many who are transitioning their lives to a new area. For some, they have had to put this on hold. For others, they do not have this option. Perhaps your family has just purchased a new home. You have shipped everything from your previous house to your new house, changed your address to receive important mail and the last thing you need to ship is you and your vehicles.

You are in luck! We still provide auto transportation for all types of vehicles! From SUVs and exotic cars to Boats and vans, we have you covered! Our agents are still fully operating during COVID-19 and are willing to help with all forms of auto transport!

While shipping your vehicle, we recommend a few basic steps that make shipping your car fast and easy!

Auto Transport And Cleaning The Interior of Your Vehicle for COVID

One of the safest ways to transport your vehicle is by cleaning the interior. The inside of your car, truck, SUV or van is small. Relatively smaller than your home. This means that every part of the vehicle comes into constant contact with hands. Now, there are some spots that are more familiar to touching than others, but a full interior cleaning is super helpful for both yourself and others!

Make sure that all interior windows are properly sprayed with glass cleaner and are properly wiped down to prevent any streaks.

Moving from the interior windows, the next step is the dashboard and center console. These are some of the most widely touched areas of the car. First, take a set of dashboard wipes and clean of any dust that may have collected since your last cleaning. You’ll be surprised as to how much collects when you aren’t paying attention! From there, move down to the radio/CD player. Take an alcohol wipe and gently scrub down all buttons and knobs.

After you have cleaned the radio/center console, its time to move onto the steering wheel and shifter. Similar to the center console, you’ll want to use alcohol wipes to get at these too. They are THE most heavily touched sections of the car. Again, wipe down all buttons, knobs and any other place that you find yourself consistently touching. This helps to cut down on the spread of any germs or bacteria that might be lingering.

Vacuuming The Interior

This should be the second step in cleaning your car. Giving the floors and seats a solid go-over with a vacuum with remove any dust and dirt particulates that might lay dormant in the fabrics. While this may not seem like an important step, it is. Dust particles can enter your lungs and cause bad coughing.

Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Car

Prior to auto transport, a big step is to clean the exterior. All sanitation steps are important and the exterior is no different. Giving your car a full wash and wax will greatly improve the way the car looks and feels. Make sure to hit the handles and truck latch! These are the most heavily touched areas on the external parts of your vehicle. Once you have done that, simply take an alcohol wipe and hit those fundamental spots. Each step is just as important as the last.

When you drop your car off for auto transport you will be able to rest and relax knowing that your car is clean and healthy.

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