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80% Of Americans Believe Their Car Is The Safest Place

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New studies show that Americans feel safest while in their car. Approximately 80% of interviews show that the automobile provides effective distancing policies.

The survey was developed via subscription provider Fair, polled 1,046 US adults in May 2020.

The current pandemic is encouraging safer health practices. Across the country, citizens are scared to either contract the virus, or help spread it.

The car provides an exceptionally safe area for many. Regardless of traffic, the 6-foot distancing and controlled environment give citizens the comfort and safety they need while continuing to limit the spread.

“While COVID-19 has made public transportation a non-starter for most Americans, an overwhelming majority of us are looking to our personal vehicles to provide safety and peace of mind during essential travel – and even to serve as escapes from the stresses of this moment,” said George Bauer, co-founder and president of Fair.

Americans Who Use Public Transportation Face Harder Circumstances

For those who use public transportation, the risk is higher. The study shows that when interviewed, those who take public transportation experience a higher rate of contraction of the virus.

For cities that are pushing for citizens to use public transportation, caution is the number one priority. In order to convince urbanites to use public transport services, the study shows what it will take:

47% said “a vaccine.” Meanwhile, 37% said “mandatory face masks” and 26% said “new touchless gadgets and tools.”

The car remains one of the safest places to be for citizens across the US. The study also shows that many are using their car for breaks and other retreats.

While the country continues to work from home, many are finding their car to be a nice break from the day. Many are now finding themselves driving around the block for their break.

The car provides a safe and unexposed circumference for all drivers. It is quickly proving to be the go-to for safe breaks spaces.

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