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Labor Day Is Going Nowhere Thanks To Americans

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LOS ANGELES – A new survey shows 55% of Americans cancelled their Labor Day trips in favor of staying home safe from the pandemic.

Labor Day is such a strange yet beautiful holiday. It marks an end to Summer while also being the one day of the year that visibly outlaws labor. Needless to say, it’s simultaneously deserved and underrated.

We work hard through most holidays trying to maintain sanity with the annoyance our families provide. All while remembering why we love the folks at all. Anyone will tell you they couldn’t dream of being perfect without being surrounded by imperfection. We need the dysfunctional archetypes to eventually create and corrupt our own units. This type of emotional smut pushes us to clock-in to begin with.

But with COVID-19 working overtime to off as many human beings it can, the best resistance is hesitance. Even if it means staying home on Labor Day like you did last Monday.

NerdWallet’s survey found 55% of people in the USA are calling in “sick” for Labor Day. Experts recommend these would-be, could-be, should-be travelers keep their excursions a mile-away instead of a mile-high. And what of the brave and the few, soldiering through vacant highways? Well, Gas Buddy projects fueling costs dropping to their lowest since 2004. Gas hasn’t been so affordable since

Across the board, it’s been a clusterbust in the travel industry. From airlines scrambling their routes to rideshares blocking carpool features. And please don’t start me on the other cyclists hogging the highway. That’s my violation to traffic! You want to win, you’ll have to beat my Schwinn. Nobody rides Mongoose anymore.

Even hotels and resorts agree with the minus of Corona Virus. In goodwill, they’re adopting free-of-fee cancellations. It’s no trip to the Bahamas but at least I won’t feel die from eating 50 spicy crispy chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s.

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