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Acura TLX 2021 Offers Precise Perfection in a Sports Sedan

You are currently viewing Acura TLX 2021 Offers Precise Perfection in a Sports Sedan
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The Acura TLX 2021 Type S version is for a driver who likes precise steering and brakes that respond instantly. It can also bring the car down from hair-raising speeds to speeds more manageable in an instant. Thus the handling is sharp but also cooperates over real-world roads. However, this new TLX also offers 354 lb-ft of torque at a very low 1,400 RPMs.

Torque Combines Perfectly with the Acura’s Versatile Personality

The Honda products, in general, and Acura’s, in particular, tend to be very fast vehicles. Moreover, the cars that you need to turn up in order to go right into the engine’s thrust. This new Type S TLX does change that formula for the better. Now, you have instant, endless torque from exactly the idle. Then, you start off from your first stop sign on your test drive. The feeling is so satisfying you won’t go back to what came before.

Acura uses a turbocharged V6 engine to achieve its pleasing torque. In fact, the turbo does exactly add over 15 psi of boost to work this wizardry. Acura builds this engine in Ohio. “While I was in Ohio, I was involving in the strategy development phase of this Type S Turbo V6 engine,” said Akio Matsuda. He is the TLX Type S Powertrain Development Leader. “I remember how excited I was, along with the rest of the Acura engine development team. That was when was decided to start developing this high-performance, environmentally responsible engine. That we are proposing with our North American associates.”

Pricing for the Acura TLX Type S

Moreover, the 2021 TLX Type S with SH-AWD and the high-performance wheel and tire package have a price including destination and handling of $54,645. Acura, in fact, does not hide its destination fee. At this price point, there are several good options including the Genesis G70. The Model 3 Performance has no options yet is higher in purchase price than this fully-loaded Acura.

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