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Boyfriend Stabbing in Northridge Leads to Arrest

You are currently viewing Boyfriend Stabbing in Northridge Leads to Arrest
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NORTHRIDGE, LOS ANGELES — A man was arrested for attempted murder early Monday morning when he returned to the scene of his girlfriend’s stabbing at an apartment in Northridge, authorities said.

The 911 call happened shortly after 2 a.m. A woman calling the police initially said her apartment in the 17700 block of Lassen Street had been burglarized. This is all according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The police described her as being in her 30s.

An LAPD spokesperson said officers responded to the scene and found the caller suffering from a stab wound to her neck. She was transported to a hospital, where she was listed in stable condition. As she recovered, police began their investigation. However, they quickly realized that the woman’s initial story didn’t line up with the facts.

Northridge Stabbing Attributed to Domestic Dispute

An investigation revealed that the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute, not a burglary, police said.

The suspect returned to the location and was taken into custody. Of course, he thought he was simply returning home to the woman that he stabbed. That’s completely normal behavior that doesn’t raise any red flags.

Police have not yet released the man’s name. Neither have they released the woman’s name. As this is an ongoing investigation, the authorities are playing this one close to the chest.

The woman is not a student or employee of the university, even though the apartment is located near the campus of Cal State Northridge, investigators said.

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