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2 Women in their 20s Shot and Dead Inside a Car in Riverside

You are currently viewing 2 Women in their 20s Shot and Dead Inside a Car in Riverside
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RIVERSIDE, California — A man was arrested after fatally shooting two women in their early 20s. Police found their bodies inside a car in Riverside. They received help in finding the bodies from the suspect’s sister, authorities said.

A woman called 911, after midnight Wednesday, and said, “My brother just shot and killed two women,” according to a spokesman for the Riverside Police Department. Although the call seemed strange to police, they had to respond. After all, the woman claimed a murder had taken place. That isn’t the kind of thing that the police ignore, no matter how strange the circumstances may seem.

When officers arrived, they said the woman directed them to the vehicle where the bodies were. Her brother was with her as she led the police to his victims.

“He was immediately detained. He was located with a firearm in his possession,” Officer Ryan Railsback said.

Riverside Women Found in Volkswagen

Authorities responded to the area of Alhambra Avenue, just north of Cypress Avenue. The bodies were in a gray Volkswagen.

The two women were later identified by family members as Miranda Durant, a mother of two, and Gabby Perez. Both women were a little over 20 years old. As if these murders weren’t tragic enough already.

The suspect, identified as 23-year-old Daniel Garcia, was in possession of a gun, police said. He is now in jail on suspicion of murder.

“I seen that car pull up around the corner around midnight or so. It came around pretty slow on that left side of the street. Scary really, you know, especially you know, I’m over here working by myself. It’s very shocking,” a local man said. Evidently, Mr. Garcia was a frightening character in the neighborhood even before the murders. It’s sad that it came to this in the end.

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