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Truck Transport

When you have to relocate, whether it’s for school or work or some other reason, it can be a tremendous hassle to move a truck to its new home. Fortunately, with expert vehicle shipping, the task of transporting your heavy-duty truck can be taken care of.

At Car Transport Depot we can ship all kinds of trucks, even the heaviest ones. It doesn’t matter what kind of truck you need to transport. Is it a garbage truck or a bucket truck? Is it a semi-truck? Or maybe you need to ship an ice cream or food truck? CTD can assist you with all these kinds of trucks and many more!

At Car Transport Depot we have special trucks able to handle the heavy-duty task of shipping actual trucks. Plus, like all our other services we can ship it door-to-door. Plus, you can select either open or enclosed transport. Both services are fast and safe. Though it should be noted that enclosed transport does seal the car away from weather conditions. For this, it costs a bit more.

Our expert drivers can also ship your truck faster if you take advantage of our expedited shipping services. With this, the timetable for your truck pick-up gets bumped up. This means your vehicle is put on a truck faster and will ultimately be on its way sooner.

Car Transport Depot will also supply you with commercial vehicle shipping if your trucks are intended for that use. Plus, we’ll even take care of a corporate relocation if you’re moving an entire business to a new location.

Contact us today and we’ll start you on great truck transport services!

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