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Matthew S. February 19, 2018
CTD was my choice from all the other shipping companies after searching around. After all the details were completed, they assigned me a driver who was able to pick up and deliver on time! Awesome service. Recommended!

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Rony P. November 2, 2017
Good prices. Friendly Staff. Safe transportation of the vehicle. They moved my vehicle from my daughter's house in Los Angeles up to my hometown, Cleveland. Recommend for anybody that needs their car transported or moved.

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Ernest D. May 28, 2017
Great work! They helped me get my car shipped in the easiest way possible. They explained the process and gave me a price I could work with. Truck driver was on time and I had a great experience trusting them to transport my car. Thank you CTD!

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David W. January 9, 2017
Excellent job! I contacted this company regarding a job I needed to be done asap. I gave them a call and they were able to send me out a driver that same day! They delivered my car to El Paso on time! I can not thank them enough.

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Georgie E. August 25, 2016
I called here to move my mom’s truck back down to my house. It’s about a 2-day drive (give or take). So I contacted CTD and they gave me a great quote! They scheduled a driver for me, and my mom’s car arrived clean and damage free.

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Nikita S. April 13, 2016
I needed my car moved up to Atlanta in January, and I was looking for a local company to do the job. I ended up contacting these guys. They had a friendly staff that guided me and gave me all the information I needed. They picked up and delivered my car on time!

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Mike R. December 21, 2015
You are the best transport company I’ve worked with. I had to change from the last company I used to ship out my clients cars because there were too many problems, I ended up hiring these guys for my latest transports and they blew the other company out of the water, CTD is great! I am still using them to this day.

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Verona D. July 12, 2015
Car Transport Depot is amazing! They took care of me and my brother when we needed our cars transported last year. They gave us a good price so we stuck with them! Appreciate their service.

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Monica T. March 8, 2014
I needed my car shipped about 2,000 miles because I was not about to add 2,000 + miles to take my car down to my brother. I ended up booking these guys and they delivered my car on time. Thank you Car Transport Depot.

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Ronni D. January 1, 2013
Car Transport Depot transported my car into my new home 2 months ago, and the whole process went really smooth. I worked out the details and paperwork, and they charged me a deposit when they assigned me a driver, the rest was paid on pickup, great job!

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Adam Blake, 21 September 2011
I was actually going to drive myself but my car broke down not long before I had to go. So I used expedited auto transport and now I know that car shipping is a much better idea than driving for loooong hours. Car Transport Depot delivered my car from Stockton, CA to Seattle, WA. They were awesome in scheduling and overall they’re cool people who love and know what they do.

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Will Knott, 16 March 2010
Your company is the best. Every winter I move to Arizona from Washington (not a fan of cold) and I use Car Transport Depot services every time. Great rates, great service, great everything. A+!

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Jonathan Warlow, 4 February 2012
I bought a Volkswagen Beetle from EBay for my wife. She’d been dreaming about it for quite some time so I wanted everything to be perfect. And it was, thanks to Car Transport Depot! They picked it up from the guy who was selling it in Arizona. I was kind of anxious about the whole thing and kept calling all the time to check on things. The guys in Depot managed to make me less nervous telling me all the details. For instance, where the Beetle is at the moment, how things are going and ...

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Caroline Morrison, 15 December 2011
I got promotion and needed to relocate from New York to LA… Quite a jump, you know. One of the things I was stressing about is how I was going to move my classic Chevrolet Corvette. I adore this car. I couldn’t let anything happen to it. And that’s why I’m happy I contacted Car Transport Depot. I used their enclosed car transport option, and the price was quite good. And the most important thing is that my car got to its new home safe and sound. I will totally use Car Transport Depot again ...

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Audrey Swan, 23 June 2011
You’re truly the company that cares! I felt really good throughout the whole process. My Mercedes got picked up in Albuquerque and it got to me in San Diego in a perfect state! I was worried when looking for an auto transport company. And I’m super happy I chose Car Transport Depot! You guys really know what you’re doing.

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Door to Door Auto Transport Service

Car Transport Depot is a family-owned auto shipping company with nine years of experience. Over that time we have shipped hundreds of thousands vehicles across the entire United States. We ship many types of vehicles, no matter the condition. Read More...

Car Transport Depot stands out because our auto shipping company cares about our customers and their needs. With us, you’re fully insured, and know that you are trusting your vehicle to a licensed car shipping company. We’ve already helped thousands of customers with their auto transport needs. That’s why people know they can rely on us. Your auto, truck, boat, trailer, or motorcycle will be securely delivered for you for at the most affordable price. We will make sure it’s safe and secure during the shipping. We value your vehicle and your time. And most of all, we value your trust. Even if you own a classic or luxury car, you have nothing to worry about. It will be safe with Car Transport Depot.

We can gladly help you with your relocation. We’re also happy to assist your corporate moving and commercial car transport. We provide different methods of shipping, like enclosed and open car transport. And because we care about your time, we offer an expedited auto shipping option. It gives you an opportunity to get your car shipped as fast as possible.

And because we care about your car, we hire only the most reliable drivers. They know their job and how to treat vehicles right. To inform you about the process of your car transport, we have our friendly live agents. They will answer all your auto shipping questions. They also work extended hours so you can call us from across the country.

When you need help with auto shipping, trust the company that cares. Car Transport Depot is there for you!Hide content.

Full Insurance Coverage

Fully insured transportation from the time your vehicle is picked up until it is safely delivered. We guarantee the safety of our transport!

Extended Office Hours

We’re serious about shipping, and we’re open long hours to prove it – 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM weekdays and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays. Wherever you are, call us!

Live Agents Available

Our live agents are always there to answer all your questions and provide you with updated information about status of your car shipping.

No Upfront Deposit

We are not going to charge you a deposit until the day when one of our drivers picks up your vehicle to transport it to the drop-off location.