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Customer Reviews

When you look for a transport company for your Car Shipping, customer reviews are something you should check first. Past clients’ experience can tell you a lot about the way a company works. Reliable companies tend to have a lot of good customer reviews. Clients are what creates the reputation of the company. So this can really help you make the right choice. You can check customer reviews on websites like Yelp, Transport Reviews and Trustlink.

Car Transport Depot Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

At CTD we always love to hear from our customers. And of course, we love getting good reviews from them! We care a lot about what you think about us and our Car Shipping services. We would like to thank all of our customers who agreed to provide their reviews for our website. CTD loves working with you and we will be happy to ship for you in the future!

Here are some of our customer reviews:

John W.

Had my Mitsubishi Evo shipped from Los Angeles to New York with Car Transport Depot. I spent a lot of money on tuning this car, so I worried a lot. I wanted it to travel safe! I booked enclosed car transport and was thrilled to get my car yesterday. It looked perfect, just the way it should. Thank you, CTD, for your great business!

Ivy G.

I went away to college this year, moved from Charlotte to Seattle. You know how it might get pricey and stressful for a new student leaving home. I shipped my car with Car Transport Depot. I’m glad I’ve used their services! They made me really calm about the whole process and also gave me a discount. So cool! I will contact CTD again to ship my car back home.

Jenny M.

I relocated because of my job and had to move across the country. I am a happy owner of a classic Chevrolet Corvette so you can imagine how I love my car. It’s almost like my baby. And CTD treated it with great care! I am recommending this company to all my friends I work with.

Mia O. 

Got my car shipped from Miami to Boston. I ordered door-to-door but the street in Boston was too narrow for the truck so I picked up my car from a parking lot nearby. Everything else was good. Perfect timing and amazing customer service. Love CTD!

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