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Adam Blake, 21 September 2011
I was actually going to drive myself but my car broke down not long before I had to go. So I used expedited auto transport and now I know that car shipping is a much better idea than driving for loooong hours. Car Transport Depot delivered my car from Stockton, CA to Seattle, WA. They were awesome in scheduling and overall they’re cool people who love and know what they do.

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Will Knott, 16 March 2010
Your company is the best. Every winter I move to Arizona from Washington (not a fan of cold) and I use Car Transport Depot services every time. Great rates, great service, great everything. A+!

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Jonathan Warlow, 4 February 2012
I bought a Volkswagen Beetle from EBay for my wife. She’d been dreaming about it for quite some time so I wanted everything to be perfect. And it was, thanks to Car Transport Depot! They picked it up from the guy who was selling it in Arizona. I was kind of anxious about the whole thing and kept calling all the time to check on things. The guys in Depot managed to make me less nervous telling me all the details. For instance, where the Beetle is at the moment, how things are going and ...

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Caroline Morrison, 15 December 2011
I got promotion and needed to relocate from New York to LA… Quite a jump, you know. One of the things I was stressing about is how I was going to move my classic Chevrolet Corvette. I adore this car. I couldn’t let anything happen to it. And that’s why I’m happy I contacted Car Transport Depot. I used their enclosed car transport option, and the price was quite good. And the most important thing is that my car got to its new home safe and sound. I will totally use Car Transport Depot again ...

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Audrey Swan, 23 June 2011
You’re truly the company that cares! I felt really good throughout the whole process. My Mercedes got picked up in Albuquerque and it got to me in San Diego in a perfect state! I was worried when looking for an auto transport company. And I’m super happy I chose Car Transport Depot! You guys really know what you’re doing.

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Car Shipping

Car Shipping

There are situations in life when you need to go to a distant city. Maybe you are relocating, maybe it is just a matter business. Maybe you are going to study or just going to enjoy a long vacation. When things like that happen, you might want to move your car without you. It doesn’t seem so easy though, does it? Thinking about it, you imagine driving for long hours. Sore neck, sleepy eyes, endless highways. And not to mention, the gas prices can seem irritating.

But what are the options? Dealing with a car shipping company? That sounds like a lot of stress, too. But in fact, it may be quite the opposite. The main thing is just to find the right car shipping company. You have to do your homework which in our case is plenty of research. It is worth your time. When after reading lots of reviews you find an experienced Auto Shipping company with good reputation, that’s the end of your worries.


CTD Car Shipping

Car Transport Depot has been around for years. We know how to take care of our customers and their vehicles. We have been around for years and know how to deal with all aspects of Auto Transport. Every detail will be taken care of. Signing papers, insurance, scheduling, possible traffic and weather problems. While we work, you can just rest knowing your car is on its’ way and you can check on the delivery status any time you need. And with Car Transport Depot you will get this kind of service for the most affordable price. After discussing all the details of your car shipping, you will get the quote and this is exactly what you will pay in the end. There will be no surprises like sudden extra charges.


Car Transport Depot is company you can rely on. We care about your vehicle, just like we care about your complete satisfaction with our auto transport services.