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Car Transport Depot

About Company

Our Story

We founded Car Transport Depot back in 2007. At first, we were a small family business. Over time, we grew to be one of the best Car Shipping companies in the US. CTD is based in California and specializes in Car Shipping across the country. We offer a full range of Vehicle Transport services. Car Transport Depot ships cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, boats, buses, etc. Our staff has the training to perform any kind of Auto Transport. We work only with licensed, reliable drivers. In addition, CTD strives to provide the best customer service. We have live agents who are always there to help our clients during any stage of Car Transport.

Car Shipping Options

For our clients, we have different options for Car Shipping from which to choose. For example, we offer Open Car Transport, which is the most affordable and common Auto Shipping. Next, we have Enclosed Car Transport, for those who prefer increased protection for their cars. Finally, if you have an expensive luxury car, you might want to choose Exotic Car Transport.

We care about your time, so we always try to ship in the dates that work best for you. If you’re in a hurry, for example, CTD also has Expedited Car Transport. When you choose this type of Auto Shipping, your vehicle gets picked up ASAP.

Where We Deliver

Usually, we deliver door-to-door.  However, your street might be too narrow for our truck. We still will try to choose the most convenient place for pick-up or drop-off. Overall, what we think is great about our company is that we really care about our customers and their vehicles. That’s why we always try to make everything as easy for clients as possible.

Low Price Promise

In addition to convenience, we also do all we can to provide you with the best prices. You can get an instant quote here, on our website, to begin with. Moreover, if you have a quote from another carrier, we promise to try and beat it for you. In short, CTD has the best prices for the kind and quality of services that we provide.

To sum up, you can ship your car anywhere in the United States with CTD. We are always here to assist you with Car Shipping!

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